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Water that naturally hydrates our cells is essential for our immunity and wellbeing. There is not one part of the body’s functionality that can operate correctly in the absence of hydrated cells. The entire electrical function of every cellular process depends on optimised cellular frequencies. The frequency increases or decreases depending on hydration at the cellular level. The new Cell Wellbeing Hydration App empowers hydration, strength and balance.

After many years of research, Cell-Wellbeing has developed a Web version of the app and boosted the apps power in order to counter Electromagnetic stressors. The Web app is now so powerful that it is unable to be stored on a smart phones memory. Our web app can be operated on any smart phone, in any country, with unlimited usages per month as long as the phone is connected to the internet. In your case the app will have a promotional price of only $2.50 USD per month, shown as $3.50 USD on the web, even though no one can buy the app without a unique promotion code. The customer can alternatively choose yearly billing at $25 per annum, giving them two months for free.

In the plans below, you can choose the role of either an App-Distributer or an App-Promoter to promote the new web app product.

We recommend only applying to be a distributor if you market to resellers, as you earn less per user than an app-reseller would on direct sales to end-users.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have just one group of people that you want to market directly to, then it makes more sense to be an App-Reseller. If you are planning to market to a number of people or groups that have a larger number of people, then you should become a Distributor. It is however your choice.

If you are a company or corporation and want to market the app directly or as a giveaway to enhance your product (e.g. beverages, creams, technology, etc.), then contact us directly for an individual offer.
Be an Affiliate for the Cell-WellBeing App
There are many reasons to offer this app to your groups and channels:
  • EMF Protection, grounding, healthy living, improved quality of drinks and improving alertness are all big sellers. We combine them all in one app for a low price.
  • Very low financial outlay to be an affiliate ($2.50/month or $25/year to use the app, yourself).
  • No franchise charges, you can start immediately.
  • We have been hearing from makers of physical EMF-Discs, etc. that they are being blocked in some countries. Our app works everywhere.
  • Can be offered to anyone in the world, without limits. They can download and use the app, immediately.
  • Application is designed to go viral, people love their drinks to taste better, and EMF protection is something people look for.
  • High number of sustained subscriptions - you earn the commision every 30 days for each customer that renews.
  • You are qualified to earn commisions as long as you continue to subscribe to the app, yourself.
  • Easy to offer: We handle the downloads, sales, invoicing and support. No stock to buy or ship.
  • Nothing to ship, just keep recommending the app and let the Cell-Wellbeing team do the rest.
  • Just refer them to this website with your promotion code.
  • Customers can install and use the app, immediately.
  • We charge the end-user directly and pay you the commision automatically.
  • An online app demonstration is easy to do and ONLY works while Live-Streaming. You can use this to amaze your viewers and encourage them to come back to your next live event. People are amazed when they find the drinks in their home were changed over the internet. This encourages a lot of spontaneous purchases, especially due to the special offer price of just $2.50.
  • You are offering an app with a real-life advantage to the users:
    • Drinks taste better,
    • plants grow faster,
    • creams and lotions are absorbed better,
    • they are more alert and even protected from electric and electromagnetic fields (WiFi, 5G, etc., commonly known as EMF radiation).
    • More apps will be added in future.
  • As soon as your viewers visit this site with your promotion code, a 365 day cookie is set on their device. If they do not buy on the first visit, but come back within 365 days, the sale will still be attributed to your code, as long as the cookie remains intact on their system.
  • You do not need to build your own website to market the app, just send your users here with the promotion link.
  • It is possible to invite us to join your program via video link and help explain the app to your viewers, at our discretion. We speak english and german.
  • Sustainable monetization: We will not cut you off for being politically incorrect or due to censorship of any kind, unless you engage in illegal or immoral activities.
  • Payments are made to you automatically via the bank account you define in the app's, back office. The customers pay us, we pay you.
  • The app is based on the Vitalizing Card that is sold for $389. It has the same functions, but treats a cup at a time using a smartphone, whereas the card treats a jug at a time.
  • The app is ONLY available via our webshop, not in the Google or Apple app stores.
  • We provide support with videos, information, etc. that you can use on your channel.
  • We provide customer online support via our forum and Telegram channels. More platforms coming, soon.

All this means that you do not have to physically buy in and ship any products or issue invoices, etc. Cell-Wellbeing handles all payments, invoicing and renewals automatically. As a prepaid service, the customers can cancel any time to the end of the current monthly subscription (refunds for the current month not possible). If they have a yearly subscription, they can cancel to the end of the next month and will be refunded the rest. If they do not pay for any reason, their service simply expires at the end of their prepaid period until they make another payment. Each time they renew, you get paid again.

All you have to do is promote the advantages of the app. At a special lifetime promotional price of just $2.50 each month, or $25 each year, it is an easy sell and you can be confident to be recommending a product that has been developed by some of the world's top scientists and tested at the famous Emoto Labs in Japan.
As the app produces energized water out of light and frequencies, there are no dangers of hidden chemicals or substances as long as clean water or liquids are used.

What is a "Promotion Code?"
When you sign up, you have to allocate your own username, which has to be just one word, for example healthawareness. That word is also what you can give to your customers in the form of a clickable link. When they use that link, their sale is allocated to your downline (the people you have referred) and you also get paid for any referrals they make.
Depending on the type of affiliate link you subscribe to, you can also earn on the sales that your customers recommend (you then earn less on each direct sale). It is your choice which affiliate system (Promoter or Distritutor) you wish to offer.

While signing up to buy the app, you provide a username of your own choosing that then becomes your promotion code when you offer the app to others.
Providing that term has not already been used, it is then yours as long as you continue to take part in the system by keeping your subscription active.

Everyone that signs up with your promotion code (e.g. promotioncode) will result in you receiving a commision in your account. Remember to provide your bank account details in the "back office" of the app so that Cell-WellBeing can pay you, YOUR commision.

Please note that you have to register and login to apply to be an affiliate.
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