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Prof. Gerrald Pollack, The Fourth Phase of Water
You can imprint the contents of a glass full of liquid at the same time. It changes the liquid that the light can reach so obviously the fluid on top of the glass gets changed more than at the bottom. It changes water into EZ-water by adding an electron. If you need larger quantities, treat it a glass at a time. A wide container with little fluid depth would be more effective than a tall glass, for example.
Ideally, you can treat running water as the light immediately changes the water to a crystalline structure that way.

The container used does not have to be glass, just remember that the light has to reach the fluid.

The L.I.F.E app is meant for use in a misted spray or to use for plants. Fresh cut flowers should last twice as long in this treated water.

This is an interesting video explaining EZ water that is created by the app.
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