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Introduction to the Cell-Wellbeing, Hydration and LIFE Apps
The Cell-Wellbeing Hydration and LIFE Apps
  • Optimize your hydration with Cell-Wellbeing's Hydration App.
  • The App recreates natural crystalline structures, which are often found in fresh spring-waters.
  • These structures enhance absorption, and hydration capabilities.
  • A liquid's original crystalline structure, can be broken by the conduction of electro-magnetic wave-forms.
  • These invisible wave-forms surround us all, as they are needed to run WiFi paraphernalia and mobile phones.
  • The Cell-Wellbeing-App, conquers a liquid's electo-oxidizing waves, by harnessing quantum-mechanic technologies with bio-photonic frequencies.
  • Apply the app's rejuvenating frequencies onto any liquid, before consumption, and you will notice the liquid enjoys a fresher aroma, and smoother taste.
  • The app can also be used, on face-cremes and body lotions to improve their absorbability.
  • You can even create your own misted water spray, to control smaller, unwanted wrinkles, or to bolster your balance and strength.
  • As light is faster than sound, you can demonstrate the app's bio-photon effectiveness over thousands of kilometers, simply by shining your phone's web-app light onto your computer's camera during a live video-conference.
  • The video participants, who are holding a glass of liquid up to the screen, will all discover that their glass of juice or water becomes lighter in color, smoother in taste and has an improved aroma.
  • Children, similarly prefer the taste of their juice and milk, after the use of the app.
  • Pets also prefer their drinking water, revitalized with the Cell-Wellbeing app.
  • The Cell-Wellbeing app has been economically priced at only $2.50 per month or $25 a year, with the promotion code.
  • The app includes two separate functions:
    • Hydration optimizes all liquids before consumption
    • The L.I.F.E application creates a stimulated, misted spray, which supports balance and mental performance.

To own your own, Cell-Wellbeing App, and receive all of these important wellness benefits, use your Smart-phone with the promotion code, to visit our website, today.
Features: Hydration-App
Tea, Coffee, Fruit Juices, Wine, Whisky, etc. Taste Smoother, Nicer, Fresher
Fresh Fruit, plucked from a tree, tastes sweet, delicious and has no nasty after-taste as it still contains the full natural energy from the tree. Once plucked, free-radicals can steal electrons from the individual atoms of that fruit. The more electrons that are lost, the more the fruit goes bitter and stale. The same applies to all natural foods and drinks, the longer they are seperated from their source, the more they lose flavor and go bitter. Free radicals are increased by exposure to electro-magnetic fields like WiFi, 4G/5G phone networks, Power Lines, etc.

  • By shining the modulated light from your SmartPhone's flashlight onto the drinks, the Hydration-App can replace those missing electrons using a special quantum resonance system

  • The result - the fruit, tea, coffee, juice, etc. can return to the state it was in when just plucked from the tree - It tastes fresh and delicious again - after just two minutes...

Improve Hydration, Detoxify and Energize your cells, Radiation Protection
The Hydration-App converts Water (H2O) to EZ-Water (H3O2 pronounced "Easy-Water") and has been shown to expel impurities (detoxify) in your cells and increase the electrical potential as well. That is, it detoxifies and recharges your cells like batteries, giving you more energy and keeping your cells young and healthy. The energized cells build a protective field, minimizing the effects of radio waves (WiFi, 5G, etc.).

Features: L.I.F.E-App (included)
Spray Yourself with LIFE App Water - Refresh Yourself, Be More Alert
The LIFE-App (included as a free bonus with the Hydration-App) energizes Water with special frequencies to revitalize you, make yourself more alert and protect from EMFs like WiFi and 5G! After preparing the water in a spray bottle, spray yourself whenever you start losing concentration. It not only wakes you up, it raises your wellbeing immediately and creates a temporary shield around you that harmonizes EMFs. This improves your ability to concentrate and stay focused on what you are doing. Try it for yourself, our customers are amazed at how fast this picks you up.

Totally Safe To Use:
No chemicals, no toxins, just clean water exposed to quantum light frequencies and sound that you can drink or spray on yourself at any time.

No Hidden Costs:
Apart from your Android or Apple SmartPhone and the App, all you need is clean water and a blue spray bottle (blue protects the water longer from ultra-violett light). During the subscription period, you can use the app an unlimited number of times on one SmartPhone. You can change the SmartPhone it is used on, but it is not possible to use it on more than one SmartPhone at a time. You can pause or cancel at any time to the end of the current subscription month.

EMF Protection from WiFi, SmartPhones, SmartWatches, etc.
Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation (BlueTooth, WiFi, 3G/4G/5G, etc.)
Modern communication devices are getting more and more popular and while they are very convenient and useful, their use close to the body can have a negative effect on your cell metabolism and cause clumping in your blood-stream.

SmartPhones are often kept close to the body in pockets and the growing popularity of SmartWatches results in them being worn directly on the skin almost around the clock. They are often sold as health-trackers, yet the topic of EMFs on the skin are seldom mentioned.
We work with top scientists to test this with microscopic blood analysis as well as kinesiology testing to determine how well the hydration and LIFE Apps can eliminate any potential EMF issues.
Our tests have proven that shining the light (LIFE-App) directly onto the skin, where the devices are closest to the body, even over the clothes, will instantly remove the effects of EMFs. Anyone can test this for themselves with a simple kinesiology test. Using the hydration-App on most or of your drinks, will also eliminate the blood clumping issues and fully protect you from such EMFs.

Just drink hydration-app liquids all day and shine the light from the LIFE-App on your arm once a day (for example when charging your watch) is sufficient to eliminate these problems. You can wear these devices with a good conscience.
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