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Hydration App
Importance of Hydration
The fish is sick, What do we need to do?
A) Solution 1 - Vaccinate the fish
B) Solution 2 - Change the water
Drinking water that has a crystalline structure can improve your wellbeing and your immune system. Enhancing hydration can also optimize nutritional absorbtion, improve mental abilities and increase physical performance as well as sliming regimes, as most scientists agree.

By using natural bio photonic frequencies to enhance the hydration capabilty or water, the Hydration App is reviving the natural molecular chains in the water, which get disrupted during transportation.

The photonic frequencies recreate the water's ecological crystalline structures, as they are typically found in spring waters and is also known to improve the water's anti-oxydent properties. These structures have been confirmed by the well-known Emoto laboratory in Japan

  1. Treating any other liquids will also improve their taste and keep them fresh for longer.
  2. Treating face creams will also make them easier to absorb.
  3. Pets love the freshing of milk or water that has been treated with the Hydration App.

Advantages of Water Hydration:

  • Improves cellular wellbeing: Water is used to transport nutrients to the cells that gives them energy.

  • Improves Detoxification: The cells and system can be assisted in detoxification by cellular EZ-Water that forces out contaminates.

  • Balances Body Temperature: Optimizes perspiration which reduces internal body heat, thus cooling the body.

  • Effective Lubrication: Muscle and joint tissues are optimized which is vital for the eyes, brain and spinal cord.

  • Less Burden on the Liver and Kidneys: The body bac better flush out wast products.

Click on the Hydration App Icon on your home screen.
Once the app has started, click on the respective button to use it on an Android or Apple (iOS) SmartPhone.
On an Android phone, hold the flashlight (torch) over the liquid to be energized and click on "Start App".
The light switches on and a music soundtrack is played. When the music ends, click on "Turn app off"
On an Apple Smartphone, manually switch on the torch, activate the vibration, hold the flashlight (torch) over the liquid to be energized and click on "Start App".
The light switches on and a music soundtrack is played. When the music ends, click on "Turn app off"
After the app has played, now taste the liquid (e.g. water, juice, alcohol) and notice it now has a smoother, sweeter and fresher aroma and taste.
What You Can Use the Hydration App For
  • The Hydration App is used to increase the "Hydration level of water"
  • Improve the quality and taste of drinks to be ingested.
  • Optimizes cellular intake of water for better nutrition intake
  • Increased absorbion levels of skin creams and lotions
  • Spirit drinks will become smoother, softer and easier to consume.
  • You will find that drinks will taste fresher, smoother, less bitter and no longer have a nasty after-taste.
  • Foods can also be treated to help them taste better and have a longer shelf-life.
  • If you grow plants or have cut flowers, giving them water treated with the Hydration App will let them grow better and last longer.
  • Enhances your "Body Balance" and "Bio Energy Level"
  • Note: Do not use the apps on fizzy drinks. This is because natural frequencies ‘lock in’ the bubbles so fizzy drink taste flat.

The app empowers your drinking water by creating crystalline structures with long molecular chains, in order to optimize hydration and absorbion. As the app restores the natural electrons, that have been stolen by free radicals, electirical and electromagnetic radiation, this makes every organic thing you treat, more natural and healthy, as nature intended it. By regularly using both the Hydration and L.I.F.E Apps in your daily life, you are helping to protect yourself from the dangerous effects of radiation while enjoying healthier and tastier foods and drinks. Each App uses around 80 resonance frequencies that all have a positive effect on your cell-wellbeing. over time, many have reported their skin looking younger, wrinkles disappearing while feeling fresher, more alert and basically feeling great.

Water hydration is known to be an essential component for every ones immune system. Boosting a waters hydrative capabilaties is therefore important during these difficult times.

If you have pets, treat their drinking water with the Hydration App. You will find they just love it and as a result are vitalized like if they were next to a mountain stream.

If you are living in a city area, the effects will be much more noticable than if you are already living close to nature in rural areas. That is because city areas are overloaded in EMF radiation which strips away the important electrons from your food, drinks and even yourself. The combination of both apps restores your well-being as if you were living in the countryside, providing you use it regularly.

With the Hydration app, we recommend you treat all your foods and drinks with the app. If you use the app on fresh vegtables, they should have a longer shelf-life and taste better, too.
If you want to learn more about how the apps work, please read the  information made available on the How It Works pages.

How to Treat Liquids, so they taste better.
  • Pour the liquid (water, juices, alcohol, coffee, tea, etc.) preferably into a wide shallow cup or bowl.
  • Start the Hydration app and shine the light evenly on the liquid from above until the music stops playing.
  • Click the button to stop the app.

That's it, you can now consume the liquid and enjoy the fresher taste. The effect should be noticable for about two days. After that, you can treat it again.

How to Treat Plants, so they grow better
  • Pour the water into a wide shallow cup or bowl.
  • Start the Hydration app and shine the light evenly on the liquid from above until the music stops playing.
  • Alternatively, run the app onto the water while you pour it. The water will immediately convert to a better crystaline structure.
  • Click the button to stop the app.
  • Now pour the water into the soil of your pot plants on into the vase for cut flowers, etc.

You should find that the plants grow better and last longer. The effect should last for about two days. If you have a glass vase, you can simply shine the light on it to renew the effect.
Please note that bright sunlight (UV in particular) can reduce the duration of the effect. Renew daily in this case.

Use of the Hydration App helps protect your body from EMF radiation from within the body after consuming treated liquids or foods.
Use the L.I.F.E App to protect yourself from EMF radiation, externally.

Note: Do not treat the same liquids with both apps as this will be counter-productive and reduce the effect.
Pretty Girl with hands under face
The perfect Beauty Application
Improving Absorption
Treat your skincare products with the Hydration App. You will be amazed on how your skin care products will have improved absorption and enhanced performance.

How to treat cremes and lotions, etc. so that they are better absorbed into the skin
  • Unscrew the lid so that the creme can we seen.
  • Start the Hydration app and shine the light evenly onto the creme from above until the music stops playing.
  • Use your finger to stir the creme in an anti-clockwise direction for 20 seconds to spread the crystalised molecules throughout the creme
  • Apply the creme or lotion to your skin as usual. Observe how the skin absorbs the creme better than before.

Misted Vitalized Water
Spraying water treated with the LIFE App onto your skin, assists in the discharging of the electro smog and increases hydration of the skin. Improved skin hydration is known to ACTIVATE COLLAGEN and elastin fibres in the skin creating a MORE YOUTHFUL look.

Illuminating Water with the Flashlight
Run the Hydration App to vitalize water,
juices, whisky, etc. and then drink it.
Orange Juice in two small glasses
Use two glasses of a bitter drink like orange juice that are poured from the same bottle in front of your friend. Then place one glass out of sight and use the Hydration app on the other. Let your friend first taste the treated glass, then the untreated one....
Amaze Your Friends
How to Amaze Your Friends, by Demonstrating the Hydration app
This is a great way to amaze your friends as they will probably not believe your SmartPhone can make their drinks taste better. Practice this yourself, before demonstrating to others.
To make this even more amazing, you can even do this over a live video call (we recommend Zoom - recordings will not work)!

  • Two clean identical small glasses for each person testing the app (Zoom: Your friends need to prepare this)
  • A bitter tasting drink, e.g. orange juice, lemon juice or even an alcoholic drink like whiskey or of course, tea or coffee.
  • A modern Android or Apple SmartPhone with the Hydration App is needed by the person demonstrating.
  • For video demonstations, a typcal webcam, computer and of course glasses and drinks needed at each end.
  • Note: The SmartPhone used to demonstrate cannot be used to connect to the video call as well.

  1. Pour both glasses half-full from the same bottle in full view of the participant.
  2. Hide one of the glasses out of sight, so it will not see the light.
  3. The remaining glass can be illuminated from the top or side (clear glass, only).
  4. If the drink is opaque, illuminate from the side and rotate or stir glass anti-clockwise. You may need to run the program twice.
  5. For video calls, shine the light into the Webcam. The glass is held close to the screen. If drinks are opaque, rotate glass and run it twice.
  6. Start the Hydration program, shining the SmartPhone's flashlight at the liquid until the music stops. You can press start again to repeat.
  7. After the procedure, the participent retrieves the other (untreated) glass from its hiding place.
  8. The participent should now smell the aroma of each glass (treated glass, first) and check if the treated glass appears to be brighter.
  9. Then, the participent should taste the treated glass and notice how smooth it tastes and if there is an after-taste.
  10. Finally, do the same with the untreated glass - it will taste bitterer in comparison and have an after-taste.
  11. Now discuss the results. If the procedure was followed correctly and in sequence, the difference should be very noticable.
  12. Important, only live conferences work. Video recordings will have no effect on the liquids in any way - this only works when done live.

How to Demonstrate - Video
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