Interview with the founder of the Cell-Wellbeing App - Hydration App

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How to Demonstrate the Hydration App
The Cell-Wellbeing app is so versatile that it can be demonstrated either in person or even via a live stream teleconference like Zoom, Teams, or a live webinar on YouTube, etc. Please note that recordings of these live streams do not work, as video recordings cannot record frequencies - there is no change in drinks, etc.

The 20-minute video above takes you through the entire process of demonstrating the Hydration App via a Zoom conference. It explains the different aspects, how to do it, and what to look for. Subtitles are available in English and German (more languages will be added).

We are offering two powerful frequency applications, developed through years of research by top scientists and proven effectiveness.

The video above is an edited version of the full video, which gives you much more detail about the options. The full length video (01:20 hours) can be found, below. The video goes into a lot more details as to what you can do with the app and is a must-watch for advanced users.

Improve the taste and well-being of your beverages and protect yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation (EMFs, 5G), today.
Full Interview with the founder of Cell-Wellbeing
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