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The Science Behind the Cell-Wellbeing App
The Cell Wellbeing App is based on a sound understanding of Quantum Mechanics and as Niels Bohr has stated… “If you are not astonished by quantum mechanics then you have not understood it”.

Abstract: The Cell Wellbeing Company has created a mobile phone application known as the Cell Wellbeing App. The Cell Wellbeing App utilises a variety of nature’s own harmonic frequencies. We have found these natural frequencies to be beneficial in harmonizing functionality as demonstrated by the renowned Biowell device. Positive responses have also been detected in body fluids. Fruity Juices, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages were also reviewed with positive results. Drinking water was also used as a medium for in-depth studies and was found to beneficially become crystalline and restructured. Ultra violet spectroscopy was performed in these samples covering the range of 200 to 800 nm and distinctive peaks at 277 nm were observed that confirm the existence of an exclusion zone (EZ) as proposed by Gerald Pollack. The Cell Wellbeing App is able to transfer spinning energy among living biological systems, and in doing so, it greatly contributes to improve the taste of beverages as well as improving cellular hydration and microcirculation.

Due to the scientific nature of the Cell Wellbeing App it is imperative to review some background knowledge supporting the Cell Wellbeing App. Therefore, this document has been divided into two sections. The first section deals with a simplified version of the science behind the Cell Wellbeing App. The second section deals with the complete science behind the Cell Wellbeing App that includes a historical background of Quantum Physics, Epigenetics, Vibrational Energy, Harmonic Waves and the Wave Equation in Three Dimensions. This is the knowledge that was applied to the development of the Cell Wellbeing App.
2017 Version of the Cell-Wellbeing App
Differences between the 2017 Release in Australia and the 2021 World-Wide Release
The Cell-Wellbeing app was initially released in Australia as "The-Smart-App" with four functions, as explained in the images, below. The report found on this page was made using that earlier app with four functions to choose from: Water, Chi, Coffee and Spirits functions (13 frequencies).

In the new 2021 release of this app (available on this website), a number of improvements and enhancements have been made and the four original functions have now been combined into two:

  • Hydration App - Contains the Water, Coffee and Spirits functions of the 2017-App - now with 84 frequencies
  • L.I.F.E App - Contains the Chi function and has been significantly improved to better harmonize EMF radiation, etc. - now with 87 frequencies.

Please take this into account when reading the following report.
Section 1

The Cell Wellbeing App is embedded with nature’s harmonizing frequencies and vibrations ranging from 256 Hz to 528 Hz; when the Cell Wellbeing App program is played, nature’s own vibrational frequencies are transferred through the light and the sound waves emitted from any smart phone. Playing the Cell Wellbeing App, for a minute, over any cup or glass containing any liquid including water, Fruit Juice, alcohol or even beverages, the vibration of the Cell Wellbeing App is transferred and absorbed by the molecules within the matrix of these liquids. The vibrational frequencies create a distinctive improvement in the taste and flavor of the liquid. The molecular structure of EZ water confers the liquid phase a smoother texture with increased viscosity resulting in a noticeable change in surface tension. An increase in enthalpy or heat content has also been noted, which allows for the release of natural free energy1. It is widely known that natural energy provides strength to muscles and tissues. This becomes evident through kinesiology testing.

The Cell Wellbeing App’s frequencies have the capacity to harmonize vibrations from man-made electromagnetic non ionizing radiation emanating from WI-FI, radio waves, microwaves, smart phones, computers, etc. The Cell Wellbeing App frequencies induce harmony by attenuating the effect of the disturbing radiation emitted by electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). Non- ionizing radiation refers to any type of electromagnetic radiation that does not carry enough energy per quantum (photon energy) to ionize atoms and molecules that is, to completely remove an electron from an atom and/or a molecule2.
Electromagnetic Radiation. Non-ionizing and ionizing radiation are created from a variety of different man-made sources that make life very convenient and yet many reputable scientists suggest may cause harm3,4.
Electromagnetic radiation and their derived frequencies (EMFs) are silent and invisible pollutants, which surround us in our daily lives. These invisible pollutants have become part of everyday life as we use the convenience of electrical appliances such as, TV monitors, computers, microwaves, WI-FI, GPS locators, Mobile appliances etc. The Cell Wellbeing App allows anyone to surround themselves with nature’s own frequencies despite the presence of high levels of EMFs. It is imperative to understand that we live in a very chaotic electromagnetic environment3,4. Modern life has brought us many conveniences but has also brought us a host of new electromagnetic frequencies that have only been recently introduced into the span of human time on earth. The advent of electric power transmission, overhead cables, radio waves, television waves, microwaves, wireless phones, Wi-Fi, computers, mobile phones and other electric appliances and devices of modern life have created a very chaotic electromagnetic environment3,4. One can discover from a simple kinesiology muscle test that these invisible pollutants can have a detrimental effect on the human body.

Figure 1 shows the results of experiments conducted at the Hado Institute in Tokyo Japan that were done under the supervision of Hiro Emoto, son of the late Masaru Emoto, that show the effect of the Cell Wellbeing Appon water before and after the Cell Wellbeing App was used. The images shown reflect the resulting water crystal after using the Cell Wellbeing Appresults in a hexagonal structure with angles of 120 degrees.
Before and After App Use

Figure 1. The Cell Wellbeing App created a bio-field within the non- structured ‘dead’ water; after the Cell Wellbeing App was played for 1 minute. One can recognise the resulting cluster becomes hexagonal and thus energized with ions.
According to Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering and his research team at the University of Washington, non-structured water otherwise referred to as dead water lacks what he defined as the exclusion zone (EZ)5. The EZ has been defined as the fourth sate of water given by its gel like structure where the molecular structure of water becomes H3O2 carrying a negative electrical charge5. EZ water is therefore alkaline and thus maintaining this state of alkalinity and negative charge appears to be important for optimal health5. G Pollack proposed that water could be optimized in a variety of different ways, by injecting light energy or physical energy into the water by vortexing, for example. This is fairly easy using magnets. Reversing the vortex every few seconds may even generate more5.  This is exactly what has been done with the Cell Wellbeing App.

Figure 2. Exclusion Zone of water. This is an example of the exclusion zone (EZ) observed in G Pollack’s laboratory at the University of Washington. The microspheres shown in the right side of the slide are repelled from the Nafion sheet on the left.

The EZ shown in figure 2 is structured water, which molecular formula is H3O2 and it has been referred to as the fourth state of water5 which is a gel like structure that seats between the solid and the liquid states of water. It also has been known as living water, bio-water and energized water. Spectroscopic studies at G Pollack’s lab demonstrate that there is a distinctive peak of absorption at 270 nm, thus given the characteristic spectrum of the EZ5.
We have conducted spectroscopic experiments at the Molecular and Cellular Biology Department from the Burzynski Institute in Houston Texas with Dr Elwira Ilkowaska Musial Director of Research, using a UV 160 Shimadzu spectrophotometer and scanning in the range of 200 nm to 800 nm, and have shown that when tap water is exposed to the action of the Cell Wellbeing App, a distinctive peak of absorption is shown at 277 nm pointing towards the existence of the EZ as proposed by G Pollack. This is of great significance as we can say that the App is able to induce the formation of an EZ as seen by the spectrum in figures 4A and 4B. Figure 4A shows the spectrum obtained from running tap water before the action of the Cell Wellbeing App, thus it becomes a negative control for the experiment that was repeated 4 times under the same room conditions. Figure 4B on the other hand, shows the effect of the Cell Wellbeing App after playing over tap water for one minute. As it can be seen a distinctive peak of absorption shows at 277nm. Thus, the Cell Wellbeing App is able to convert non-structured ‘dead’ water into structured living water.
Figure 3. The signature wavelength of the EZ water. A distinctive point of absorption at 270 nm indicates that water restructures as H3O2 and thus becomes energized living water.
Figure 4A. Spectra obtained from tap water before the action of the Cell Wellbeing App.

Water was collected from the tap at the lab and their spectrum was measured in the range of 200nm to 700nm. No significant peaks were observed
Figure 4B. Spectra obtained from tap water after exposure to the Cell Wellbeing App.

Water was exposed for one minute to the action of the Cell Wellbeing App and a distinctive peak was observed at 270 nm, which matches with the presence of an EZ.

Based on these results we have can propose that, when water is exposed to the Cell Wellbeing App for just one minute, the frequency of the bio-field generated by the Water APP, allows for the angle formed by the atoms of Hydrogen of the molecule of water to open up from 104.5o to an angle of 109.5o allowing for the formation of a pyramid like structure, which allows for hexagonal clusters of water to be formed, as illustrated in figure 5. The molecule that makes this possible could well be the H3O2 structure as stated by G Pollack5.
Unstructured Water: The Hydrogen Bond and the 104.5° Angle
Figure 6: Crystal  representation of the non-structured shape of the molecule of water showing the formation of the 104.5o angle and the resulting linear structure of the interaction of water molecules due to the Hydrogen bond that is formed among them.
Structured  Water forms  (honeycomb) hexagonal sheets very similar to ice.
Figure 7. Hexagonal structured crystal sheet H3O2 molecular level. Structured  Water forms  (honeycomb) hexagonal sheets very similar to ice. Structured Water (liquid crystalline) is H3O2 . . . the fourth phase of water. It's a transition stage between liquid water and ice5.
Figure 5. Representation of the water clusters formed with energized hexagonal water. The spherical shape shown is formed with 32 molecules of water, resulting in a truncated structure. To allow for a completely spherical structure another 5 molecules of water are required, resulting in a cluster made of 37 molecules of water. The resulting structure is highly energized and thus is known as living water, thus bio-water.

Water Structure

Normal “unstructured” water is known as H2O. Molecular structure refers to the way molecules are bound together. Molecules are like building bricks, they can be placed in a variety of ways to form a wide variety of structures. Recent work by Prof. Gerald Pollack’s team at the University of Washington in the USA have demonstrated that the chemical formula for water is in fact H3O2 since a sole molecule of water does not exist as such due to the electronegativity of the atom of Oxygen and the inductive effect of the atom of Hydrogen. Therefore, two molecules are needed to form molecular structure. Prof. Pollack’s team has also proven that structured water forms an exclusion zone (EZ) made of many layers of H3O2 water molecules5, as seen in figures 2 and 7.
The key to G Pollack's entire hypothesis lies in the properties of water5. The water molecules become structured in arrays or strata when they interact with charged surfaces such as those presented by protein as shown in figure 7. The cell's water is potentially structured. Water stays put in the cells because it's adsorbed into the protein surfaces. Structured water adheres to the cell’s surface membrane glycoproteins such as aquaporins, a complex of 20 proteins that allow for water to cross the cellular membrane6.
Figure 8. Water Crystal before being exposed to the action of the Cell Wellbeing App.
No structural water meaning no water crystals are seen before using the Cell Wellbeing App on the samples of water.

Figure 9. Water Crystals formed after exposure to the action of the Cell Wellbeing App.

The water crystals shown in figures 8 and 9 were obtained from experiments done at the Hado Institute in Tokyo Japan under the supervision of Hiro Emoto. Tap water was used and prepared for observation under dark field microscopy. The exposure to the action of the Cell Wellbeing App gave a series of hexagonal crystal structures as those shown in figure 9. Such structures did not form hexagonal structures without the action of the Cell Wellbeing App. We have enough evidence to say that the EZ of water is formed by the action of the Cell Wellbeing App. The density of EZ water is greater than that of Bulk non- structured water5. This has tremendous implications for cellular hydration and energy management by the cells. The speed of the particle is inter-dependent upon the information that it is carried in the form. Density of information is held within the shape of the water molecules. The more information they hold the denser they become. The energy that the water absorbs from the Cell Wellbeing Appallows for the formation of the water crystal structures seen in figure 9.

Since the Cell Wellbeing App also works in alcoholic beverages, it was of interest to do some spectral measurements testing on vodka. Figure 10A shows the negative control by simply obtaining a spectrum using vodka before it is exposure to the action of the Cell Wellbeing App.

Figure 10A. Spectrum of a sample of pure vodka before the exposure to the action of the Cell Wellbeing App.

A distinctive peak of absorption was observed at 277 nm showing similar spectral characteristics of the EZ.
Figure 10B. Spectrum of pure vodka after one-minute exposure to the Cell Wellbeing App.
By pressing the alcoholic beverage button of the Cell Wellbeing App [in the 2021 version, the Hydration App] and applying its action for one minute over the sample of vodka, the spectrum obtained showed some interesting features compared to the one obtained as a control and shown in figure 10A. The peak of absorption in figure 10B is higher than that of the control shown in figure 10A. There is a shoulder that can be seen on figure 10B to the bottom right of the peak of absorbance that is absent in figure 10A.
One can only speculate at the moment, as more research is needed. So, we can say that the EZ, which is indicative of molecular restructuring, is present in the sample of vodka and it is enhanced through the action of the Cell Wellbeing App. We are approaching Gerald Pollack to discuss the design of experiments that will enable us to draw conclusions out of these observations.

What is evident is that the taste of the vodka significantly changes after being exposed to the Cell Wellbeing App for just one minute. In all cases it becomes milder, almost to the point that its taste becomes non-alcoholic. This may be due to the possibility that the alcohol in vodka evaporates much quicker due to the action of the Cell Wellbeing App. More experiments are needed so that we can arrive to meaningful conclusions.

Effect of water Penetration in Cells
Figure 11. Hexagonally structured water results in small water clusters that are able to penetrate cell membranes allowing for improved cellular hydration.
Figure 11. Hexagonally structured water results in small water clusters that are able to penetrate cell membranes allowing for improved cellular hydration.
The water function of the phone App [in the 2021 version, the Hydration App] allows for the formation of structural hexagonal water, which affects the surface tension of water allowing it to become wetter and in a sense, more permeable5, and thus its tissue penetration is significantly enhanced as shown in figure 11. In this way water does not accumulate in the intracellular matrix causing oxidative stress, thus free radical formation is avoided. This in turn could prevent kidney and gall bladder stone formation due to the hexagonal molecular structure of bio- energized water as it keeps the physiological pH within range. It is possible therefore that there is no need for the kidneys to form salts by leaching the Zinc and Magnesium from muscle. This keeps the process of homeostasis in harmony and thus allows for wellness to rule over illness normally caused by oxidation and free radical formation.
Skin conditions induced by stress, among other causes, can be dealt with by simply spraying clustered structured bio-energized water directly onto the skin. The effect of the water function of the phone App on the ability of water to penetrate into the skin is greatly enhanced by the observed decrease in surface tension and the ability of the Cell Wellbeing App water to become wetter, allowing for improved hydration.
By placing the Cell Wellbeing App’ over a glass of water, the water becomes optimized and structured. Prof. Pollack’s team suggests that when H3O2 water penetrates the lining of the stomach and the gut, it can go straight into the blood stream allowing for the removal of toxins as well as improving cellular hydration5.
We now have evidence to show that the water function of the Cell Wellbeing App enhances the physical properties of the water. Cell Wellbeing App energized water also has an impact on aging process since it does not cause oxidation, as normal water does. Therefore the science suggests that it is possible for people live longer and look younger than their chronological age3.
Figure 12. Tuning forks are a perfect example of harmonic resonance. When one tuning fork is struck, the other will vibrate in unison due to the vibrational waves sharing the same frequency.
Harmonic Resonance
The basic principle of harmonic resonance is that in nature living systems will tend to adapt to the vibration they are receiving3,7. Sounds can be seen as patterns in water as can the refraction of light on water. Tuning forks and clock pendulum are perfect examples. When a frequency or vibration is applied to any liquid it will adapt to that frequency7. When the Chi function of the app [in the 2021 version, the L.I.F.E App] is applied to the body, a harmonizing frequency is emitted that the body’s fluids respond to. Its response is to move from a chaotic state towards a more harmonious energetic state.

Harmonic resonance occurs with the exposure of the Cell Wellbeing Appwhen it is placed in the presence of liquids7 and solids. The emission of vibratory frequencies resonates between the Cell Wellbeing App and the system that it has been exposed to, allowing for the transmission of energy.
Furthermore, to test for the harmonizing effects of the Chi function of the App, we used the Biowell machine developed by Konstantine Korotkov, professor of Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture in Russia. This device has received government certification as a medical testing device in Russia7. Test readings were taken from subjects before and after they were subjected to frequencies emanating from the Cell Wellbeing App when using the Chi function.
The Chi function of the App can be applied directly to the body starting at in the lower abdomen, where the genital area is found, and then moving it upwards and over the head and then down to the sacral bone, then the process is repeated starting at the sacral bone up to the head and then down to the genital area in the lower abdomen as shown in figure 13.
Figure 14B. The Biowell report from a test subject AFTER being subjected to the Chi function of the App.
Note that the majority of the spheres are now placed on or very close to the center axis of the graph, indicating a more harmonic state
Figure 14B shows the same report from the same subject after receiving the frequencies form the Chi function of the App. In the case the spheres are on or very close to the center axis of the graph, which indicates a harmonic state. Also, the sizes of the blue spheres increased indicating that the relative strength of the energy centers increased.
Figure 13. The Chi function of the Cell Wellbeing App.
The chi function of the App is included in the L.I.F.E App and is used by moving the phone upwards starting at the base of the lower abdomen in the genital area towards the head and then down to the sacrum at the back. The up and down movement is repeated 4 times until the Cell Wellbeing App function stops.
Figure 14A. The Biowell report from a test subject BEFORE being subjected to the Chi function of the App.
Note the displacement of four of the spheres to the right from the center indicating disharmony.

Figure 14A shows the data from the Biowell device on a human test subject. The colored spheres represent the energy centers of the body and their relative strength and state of harmony. The size of the sphere represents the strength of the energy center and the position of the spheres represents the relative harmony of the energy center. When the energy center is in harmony, it is displayed in the center of the body image along the vertical axis of the graph. Figure 14A is from the test subject prior to receiving the harmonic bio- energetic frequencies from the Cell Wellbeing App.
Figure 15A. The Biowell report from a test subject before being subjected to the Chi function of the App.
Here the highlighted bar graphs indicated which areas of the body are out of balance relative to the height of the blue and green bars of the graph.
Figure 15A shows report data from the Biowell device indicating those areas of the body that are in an out of the harmonious state. The highlighted bars are the ones that show the relative balance between the two bars is higher than normal, indicating an out of harmonious state. Note that in this case the number of areas of the body that are out of harmony per this report is 14.
Figure 15B. The Biowell report from a test subject before being Subjected to the Chi function of the App.
Here the number of bars that indicate an out of balance state has been greatly reduced from 14 to 4, indicating a more harmonious state.
Figure 15B shows the same report after the test subject has received the frequencies from the Chi App. The numbers of bars that indicate areas that are out of harmony and have now been reduced from 14 to 4. Overall, the test subject body is now in harmonious state.
Remarks Regarding Taste
In this section we address some common situations and questions that occur when using the App. Firstly, when using the Cell Wellbeing App on alcoholic beverages, nearly everyone notices a change in taste. The reason for this is that most man made fluids lose their original molecular chain during the industrial processing9. This is partially due to the straight 90o angles of the industrial pipelines. As the fluids are pulled and push through and against the internal wall of the tubular 90o ages, the resulting force damages their fine molecular structure and thus the molecular bonds known as the forces of van der Walls break away9,10. This action results in a myriad of changes in the shape and size of the molecules formed as well as an increase in entropy1. However when we use the frequency from the App, the original molecular chain structure of the liquid reforms. By doing so the ‘taste buds’ become sensitized to the frequency generated by the molecular restructure of the van del Waals forces11. For some people the taste is sweeter while in others claim it is bitter, this depends on the sensibility and sensitivity of their taste buds. Either way everyone tested said the taste of the beverage is smoother.
How is it that the App allows for protection from cell phone radiation? It’s not that the Cell Wellbeing App is blocking the energy that is being emitted from the phone - that is still constant and is not affected; the phone still has the same signal strength when receiving and making calls. We have unpublished evidence from studies done using the Sputnik and the Biowell device in the bio-field. What is happening is the App is creating a ‘field’ of positive natural f r eq u enc i e s around the phone and this field harmonizes the body, creating a coherent signal for the body to “lock onto” it. In doing so our cellular functions are less disturbed by the electromagnetic signals emanating from the surrounding area3.
Konstantine Korotkov describes the usage of the Sputnik as follows7:

The Sputnik sensor is connected to the titanium cylinder inserted onto the Bio- Well lens, creating connected resonance contours. Bias current in the electrical chain of this contour depends on the capacitance of space between Sputnik antenna and environmental-grounded and electro-conductive subjects. Both geophysical parameters of the particular environment and man-made electromagnetic fields and constructions would influence this capacitance. Emotions are related to the activity of the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system, which changes blood micro-circulation, perspiration, blood microcirculation, perspiration, sweating, and other functions of the body, resulting in the changes of the overall conductivity of the body and the conductivity of acupuncture points in particular. Therefore, the presence in the vicinity of the instrument of the emotional people may change the conductivity of space and, hence, the signals of the sensor. This may be related to the formation of areas of decreased entropy in space, or, as Prof. Tiller claims, “associated with the buildup of a negative magnetic charge manifesting in the environment” Some quantum effects may be involved as well.
Secondly, fluids especially water are very susceptible to the influence of environmental frequencies emanating from microwaves, cell phones, Wi-Fi and electrical power cables. These frequencies ‘scramble’ the natural frequency of the water. When the app is applied to fluids the harmonizing frequencies allow “coherence”, bringing the liquid back toward its natural harmonic state.
In every case of testing water on plants, seedlings or even seeds, the growth and germination levels are much higher after the water was treated with the App. The reason for this is because the plants can absorb more liquid and nutrition from EZ water. The App does not add anything or take anything out of the water; it simply restructures the molecular structure into a more beneficial state. We have noticed that animals in particular when given a choice will prefer water that has been treated with the Cell Wellbeing App.
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