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Most humans are not well grounded, their cells are not earthed
Modern life styles, living in big cities are far away from nature with its fresh spring-water, water-falls and natural healthy environments. City life often means we are exposed to electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) that reduce the ability of our living cells to behave in an ‘earthed or grounded way’.

What are some of the potential stressors that cause this?
Oxidative stress is a phenomenon caused by an imbalance between production and accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in cells and tissues and the ability of a biological system to detoxify these reactive products. It may have a negative affect on living cells causing premature aging, reduced cellular hydration, brain fog and even anger or rage. Prof. Emoto in Japan has shown that water molecules can take on different forms according to their environment and are even affected by the moods of people nearby. As about 60% of our bodies consists of water, anything that can change water molecules can also have a positive or negative affect on our cellular bodies.

What Possible Solutions are Available?
We all know that the earth spins in an anti clockwise direction (no matter if you are standing in the northern hemisphere or the southern.) Therefore it follows that all living cells, including living water molecules, also spin anti-clockwise. Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) it is thought, cause the cells to slow down, stop or spin clockwise.

Research has discovered that 'grounding the body' reduces inflammation and stress in the cells.

Yet, it's not always easy to ground the body, hence the life app and hydration app which assist the cells to achieve the effects of grounding by introducing the natural resonances, frequencies found in unadulterated spring waters. One simple app with the power of the universe in your pocket.

What is the Best Solution that we Recommend?
Gadget Heaven has teamed up with the Rife Forum (world's largest online community for resonance therapy research); To promote a special cellular grounding app named Cell-Wellbeing. The technology is based on the cellular informational flow of photonic principals first mooted by Professor Popp of Germany. It includes the Schuman frequencies that work best to provide the natural grounding, humans need.

With the increasing popularity of resonance frequency devices, based on the work of Royal Raymond Rife and Hulda Clark, etc. the use of resonances to improve well-being has become increasingly popular and effective, yet such equipment can be cumbersome, less portable and hardly affordable for the majority. With the increasing proliferation of Electro Magnetic informational technology; we decided that an affordable solution was needed in order to reach a larger section of the population.

By making use of a modern Android on Apple Smartphone, most people already own the equipment needed to take advantage of the Cell-Wellbeing App. It works by modulating special resonance frequencies into the flashlight and sounds emitted from the phone.

Can this help against the Pandemic?
Expansion Zone (EZ) water, created by the app, can help to detoxify your body and the powerful antioxidant capabilities can reduce the effects of free radicals. The apps can help to provide protection from the expanding EMF (3G, 4G, 5G and WiFi) networks combined with the positive effects of strengthening the immune system and improved grounding. Due to the current effects of the world-wide pandemic, it was decided to offer both apps in one package at a special low price to enable them to be quickly distributed world-wide. A special marketing system was developed to help many influencers, especially in the health and well-being related markets, to also survive financially in these difficult times. We are therefore releasing these apps primarily through the health-related online communities to quickly reach those people that are likely to best understand the capabilities of these apps. We provide online support and user-to-user interaction through our own dedicated forum and on Telegram. We will expand to other platforms as soon as we can.

The Hydration and L.I.F.E functions within the app, are the results of years of scientific research and development with some of the best research scientists and validated at the Emoto institute in Japan. Prof. Emoto is famous for his research into water crystals in his many published books about Water. You can learn more on his official website.

The App frequencies create a grounding effect on the liquid, causing a softer, more absorbable, smoother tasting liquid as fresh as if it were natural without the negative impacts of EMF that make liquids be more bitter. The corrective results are created by the apps ‘natural grounding abilities’ by using special resonance frequencies modulated through the flashlight (torch) and the audio of an Android or Apple SmartPhone.

The grounding effect of the LIFE app, used as a stimulating mist spray, is instantly refreshing as it reduces brain fog and increases balance as well as stamina.

In general, the hydration app is used to restore the freshness of water or any other liquid to that of a fresh spring . The grounding frequencies also extend the shelf life of fruit juices as well as milk. Animals and plants also love this grounded water.

This website is designed to be the central distribution hub for these web-apps and we welcome you to learn more about them and try them out for yourselves. We offer them here at the discounted subscription price of $2.50 month or $25 for the year, making the apps very affordable and most people will already have the required smartphones in their pockets. If you are not totally satisfied, you can cancel at any time to the end of your subscription.

The following images are designed to give you a quick overview of what the apps can do. You will find more detailed information in How It Works and Videos.
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