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Exclusion Zone (EZ) Structured Water
February 18, 2023, Exclusion Zone (EZ) Structured Water
Duration: 0:42:56

Peter Walker gave a presentation to Connecting Consciousness members in Orlando, Florida on EZ-Structured Water.

This was an official CC Event for members only and Peter was a guest speaker. He was introduced by his brother Ray Walker. The event was filmed with two cameras, with permission of the attendees at the event.

0:00:00 Introduction by Ray Walker
0:00:40 Peter Introduces himself
0:01:04 Exclusion Zone (EZ) Water
0:07:40 Structured molecular water explained
0:12:13 The fish is sick, because the water is dirty.
0:15:18 Checking the quality of food with the Yuka app.
0:24:08 EZ-Water is about cleansing, returning to nature.
0:24:39 EZ-Water excluding particles
0:25:48 EZ-Water expands with light
0:26:45 Could EZ water contain memory?
0:29:45 The FOUR Phases of Water
0:34:18 EZ-Water creates circulation
0:35:52 EZ Expels contaminants/detoxes
0:36:09 What builds EZ water in your cells?
0:37:38 Where to find more information (References)
0:38:57 Wrapping up and references.
0:39:36 Hydration App Info-Film.
0:42:56 End.


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