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Introduction to the Cell-Wellbeing, Hydration and LIFE Apps
The Cell-Wellbeing Hydration and LIFE Apps
  • Optimize your hydration with Cell-Wellbeing's Hydration App.
  • The App recreates natural crystalline structures, which are often found in fresh spring-waters.
  • These structures enhance absorption, and hydration capabilities.
  • A liquid's original crystalline structure, can be broken by the conduction of electro-magnetic wave-forms.
  • These invisible wave-forms surround us all, as they are needed to run WiFi paraphernalia and mobile phones.
  • The Cell-Wellbeing-App, conquers a liquid's electo-oxidizing waves, by harnessing quantum-mechanic technologies with bio-photonic frequencies.
  • Apply the app's rejuvenating frequencies onto any liquid, before consumption, and you will notice the liquid enjoys a fresher aroma, and smoother taste.
  • The app can also be used, on face-cremes and body lotions to improve their absorbability.
  • You can even create your own misted water spray, to control smaller, unwanted wrinkles, or to bolster your balance and strength.
  • As light is faster than sound, you can demonstrate the app's bio-photon effectiveness over thousands of kilometers, simply by shining your phone's web-app light onto your computer's camera during a live video-conference.
  • The video participants, who are holding a glass of liquid up to the screen, will all discover that their glass of juice or water becomes lighter in color, smoother in taste and has an improved aroma.
  • Children, similarly prefer the taste of their juice and milk, after the use of the app.
  • Pets also prefer their drinking water, revitalized with the Cell-Wellbeing app.
  • The Cell-Wellbeing app has been economically priced at only $2.50 USD per month, with the promotion code.
  • The app includes two separate functions:
    • Hydration optimizes all liquids before consumption
    • The L.I.F.E application creates a stimulated, misted spray, which supports balance and mental performance.

To own your own, Cell-Wellbeing App, and receive all of these important wellness benefits, use your Smart-phone with the promotion code, to visit our website, today.
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