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How to Order the App
Please read the instructions on this page carefully:

  • If you have the choice of using an Apple or Android phone, choose the Android phone - that app is easier to use.
  • Ensure your Smartphone has a flashlight (a.k.a. torch). For example, some tablets do not have one.
  • Make sure you order the app on the SmartPhone you want to use it on.
  • If you are on a Desktop computer now, scan the QR-Code below, to continue on your phone.
  • We recommend first watching the video that guides you through the ordering process.
  • After completing the order, proceeded to the installation instructions for your phone type.

Compatibility: Android KitKat (2013) or higher. Apple iPhone 4 (2011) or better.
Two Apps for the Price of One
Two Apps in one package
The LIFE App is included free
within the Hydration App
See images below as well.
Important Infos on the Order Process
Do not type "app.cell-wellbeing.com" manually on your phone,
as that will not apply the promotion code. Use the QR-Code or green button below, instead.
1. Click on Buy Now
2. Select Duration, then Buy Now
3. Click on "Promoter/Inviter" Info.
4. Fill in the form
Order the App on your SmartPhone
Test-Subscription: $3.50 Month / $26 Year
Scan with your SmartPhone to order, now.
Or, click this button ON your SmartPhone.
Compatible with Android (preferred) or
Apple SmartPhones with built-in flashlight.
Installation Instructions
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