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How Does The Hydration-App Compare to the Competition?

There are plenty of companies offering devices to protect you from EMFs /5G, etc. so what makes the Cell-Wellbeing Hydration-App (incl. L.I.F.E App) special?
Instead of naming specific products to compare with, we are going to compare typical features of such products. This should let you better compare and decide for yourself.
Note, there are companies offering additional products that cover some of our additional features. This is often associated with even higher pricing.
Other Products
$30 - $300
Shipping charges
Shipping Internationally
Delivery time
Days - Weeks
Harmonizes EMF-Frequencies near you

Creates a protective field around you for at least 3 feet (1 meter)
Easy to use, apply once and forget

Adaptable - More features can be added at a later date as needed
Restores natural electrons, stolen by free radicals, EMFs, etc.
After regular use, harmonizes your phone's internal rare minerals
Lets you feel more alert, reduces brain fog
Includes the Schuman frequencies
Includes Chi-function (L.I.F.E)
Optimize your hydration
Improve quality and taste of drinks, milder, fresher and more natural
Can be demonstrated online via Zoom conference.
Converts water into crystalline structures, confirmed by Emoto Labs
Extend the shelf life of fruit juices, milk, vegtables, etc.
Spirit drinks will become smoother, softer and easier to consume.
Plants and cut flowers will grow better and last longer
Reduces oxidative stress (anti-oxidant), aids detoxification
Increased absorbion levels of skin creams and lotions
Enhances your "Body Balance" and "Bio Energy Level"
Improves balance, mental performance and stamina
Harmonise your internal life systems
Grounding effect reduces inflammation and stress in the cells
Reduce smaller wrinkles (L.I.F.E)
Based on websites and tests of a number of products.
Individual products may offer additional features we are not aware of.
We welcome suggestions to improve this list.
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