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Wednesday 24 Mar 2021
I was also part of the beta-test group. I must admit I was impressed at first by the taste test and admit it worked as advertised. But I already had a sticker on my phone from another company to protect me from EMF and that was easier to use - stick it on and forget about it. With this app, I had to run the program a couple of times a day and it was just too much work for me. All the same, I still recommend it to those that want not only the EMF projection, but also want great tasting drinks. That certainly did work for me.
Wednesday 10 Mar 2021
I tried that test with two glasses of orange juice from the same bottle. One was treated and the other not. The first glass tasted smooth and fruity, really fresh. I then tried the other glass - really bitter and left an after-taste. I was shocked at the difference.
I then tried the misted spray. I immediately felt fresher, more alert and could concentrate more. Just what I need for the long hours I work.
Wednesday 17 Feb 2021
I use the Cell-Wellbeing apps to optimize my water for everyday drinking needs, but not only. I also use it to moisturize my skin and I have seen improvements since I am using it.
Sunday 14 Feb 2021
I had never thought how much better water and other drinks can actually be, once energized. I have demonstrated it in my office and my colleges were impressed.
Wednesday 10 Feb 2021
I had been researching frequencies for some time when I was introduced to the App in the Rife Forum beta test. I was sceptical as to if it was even possible to use the flashlight for frequencies. I tried it and was blown away by the taste test. I wish we could self-program the frequencies used by the app, otherwise I must admit I am impressed.
Tuesday 02 Feb 2021
I do 'green-juicing' with kale powder. I mix it with water then hold my nose and throw it down then chase it with water because it is so bitter. This taste's like scrapings off the bottom of the lawn mower.

I tried the android app on a glass and it seemed to take on a different kind of consistency and became perfectly drinkable. I actually enjoyed the flavor and drank it slowly.
Tuesday 02 Feb 2021
I tried it on a fresh squeezed spinach/zucchini/celery juice a few days ago....stirring slowly (left) to bring the liquid up from the bottom into the light. It really did make it much smoother and removed the bite.

So far, excellent!
Monday 01 Feb 2021
I tested the app as part of the beta test on the Rife Forum. I installed the app and can really say only one thing. Holy shit. I tried it was on our 15 yr old female cat's water bowl who's been having a few elimination issues. I didn't even finish the app time and she was sticking her head in the bowl after 45 seconds of watching what I was doing. That surprised me. Since then, her eliminations have been normal. The next test was on apple juice. My wife, who wasn't sold on the idea, tried the apple juice after conducting the visual, smell and taste test as suggested. SOLD! Then on a client shortly after treatment for plugged sinus. His grandson had some mixed juice and we tried it again. The grandson was very sceptical but that quickly changed when he seen his Grandfather do the sniff test and could definitely tell the difference between the treated and untreated glass. This from a man who hasn't breathed through his nose in a little over 25 years. Then the taste test. The grandson couldn't believe the difference. Even after ten minutes of muttering, "I don't understand". SOLD! Last test was on a glass of water. Before I started the app, she bent down looking at the glass at eye level, watching the glass throughout the hydrating. She told me it was the glass used for her amino acids and there was some residue. She could see the amino powder going up and down in the water and in the last 15 seconds. All the amino grains dissolved and the water turned clear.
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