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Structured molecular water explained
Water is an interesting subject. Water can be either a cleansing compound or a carrier of disease, disability, even death. Even the Bible states emphatically there is cleansing power in the blood...could that be, at least in part, the water in the blood?

The farmers, who lived thousands of years ago, lived close to the land. They touched soil constantly and tended the soil with loving and considerate attention. Many farmers learned that certain practices improved growth patterns and viability of their crops. They learned to revitalize the water they utilized for those very same crops. Many of the farmers passed this important information on down to their offspring who followed the principles of water revitalization. Viktor Schauberger, Austrian naturalist and forest ranger, learned by observation and from this designed the first modern water revitalization container out of wood, after observing just one of those farmers as he revitalized not only his water but the food with which he was to feed his crops.

Viktor Schauberger was not college educated! In fact, he was very disgusted with the scientific community and their short-sited practices that worked against nature. This brilliant man observed the forests in his country as they were destroyed by foolish scientific "forestation practices" that all but destroyed the covering for streams, rivers and lakes. This practice created overheating and lack of cover for water and as a result, it lost its "positive charge." As a result, water lost its high levels of vitality and its "necessary to be healthy" energy levels of 6,500 to 8,000 Bovis Energy Units (measuring scale for water - see search engines for detailed information).

Further, humankind began to alter the course of water natural flow. He diverted lakes, streams and rivers to suit his "need to improve living conditions!" Humankind had the water but it was, by then, a low energy perpetrator of disease and degenerative conditions like diphtheria and it further became a carrier for toxic metals, compounds and bacteria's. It became a low energy (below 6,500 Bovis) dis/abled H20 "muck crud" unable to any longer perform as our great Creator intended that it do. It was wet but unable to destroy the enemy, again heavy metals, bacteria and sludge and the rivers became a poor mirror image of their past greatness.

Viktor Schauberger stated the following: "Man has introduced the crudest possible methods of tampering the Nature's self-regulation without the remotest knowledge of how the natural order properly functions, or of the laws of natural movement. There is complete ignorance of the relationship of the forest and vegetation to fertile soil, which is in fact so similar to that of the skin to the human body. Man puts a tremendous effort into developing a forest with the sole purpose of exploring everything that it contains, even though its price is the total destruction of the forest environment. The most astonishing fact, however, is that despite all the evidence of malpractice and economic decline, the irresponsible methods of forest treatment are still in use, which inevitably means that the forest, as the basic requirement of every culture, is doomed to die...

At a time when millions of men are unemployed and miserable, the forest should be built up again with their waterways and storage lakes, so that the right balance is restored. Then the streams would once more supply healthy water. Such a scheme would get rid of idleness, which has already resulted in severing all relationships with Nature, and is literally the last hope for rehabilitation.
Mr. Schauberger made these comments in the 1930's but does it not have application to 2021? In fact, his statements have relevance to any period of time, previously or thousands of years in the future.

We began to study Schauberger and Nikola Tesla back in the 1960's and found a way to energize and revitalize water wherein it could once again return to the Garden of Eden levels of energy. Others have followed in Schauberger's, and Tesla's footsteps in creating energized devises that return even swamp water, highly toxic with heavy metal waters, even destruction of bacteria in resorts in which the special electromagnetic charged equipment have been used.

The Russian Academy of Natural Science spent 7 years studying this advanced technology. They reported in every instance, the revitalized water improved feedlots for dairy cattle, agricultural uses and that bacteria was reduced, as were the messages of heavy metals in which the energized water came in contact. The applications have been greatly extended and advances are still being discovered using energizing equipment. Although the paradigm for this very simple yet advanced quantum physics application has not been set and because science just "does not get it!" And, there is "little profit" in something that does so much for so long and so simply, industry has been dis/interested in pursuing the program/ However, today we have the technology at our finger tips. Q.I. Bio -Resonance Equipment has the ability to transform a normal liquid based product into a world renowned energy based product. We are now applying the technology to: Fuel saving devices, air-cleaning solutions, and water revitalization for commercial applications, agricultural and domestic use. Revitalizing our foods in the bio refrigerator and much more.

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